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Happy gas for anxious patients

Happy Gas (or Nitrous Oxide Sedation as it is sometimes called) is a modern technique of sedation, which makes dental treatment a very pleasant experience. It is suitable for nearly all patients, young and old, healthy or not so healthy and particularly for those with mild to moderate anxiety or worries.

The technique involves breathing of small amounts of nitrous oxide mixed with pure oxygen and air to produce relaxation and a ‘floating’ feeling on the part of the patient. A small nasal inhaler is gently placed over the patient’s nose. This is very comfortable and can be adjusted by the patient if they desire. After breathing the nitrous oxide mixture for two to three minutes, a feeling of a general relaxation is experienced and the dental treatment can commence. It is sometimes necessary to use local anaesthetic injections with happy gas, however quite often they can be dispensed with and the patient feels no discomfort. If a local anaesthetic is used, the injection is quite painless.

As you probably know, nitrous oxide is an anaesthetic gas. However, using the small quantities employed with happy gas the patient does not become unconscious but merely sedated. He is awake, can converse with the dentist and aware of everything that is happening but is very relaxed and is free from care about the dental treatment being carried out.  Nausea or other side effects rarely occur and then only with high doses.

On completion of the treatment the patient is given pure oxygen to breathe for two or three minutes and then room air before leaving the surgery. Unlike most other forms of sedation, the patient may leave the surgery unescorted and may drive a car after having had happy gas.

Happy Gas (nitrous oxide sedation) is a very pleasant way of enabling dental treatment to be carried out. Your dentist will be pleased to explain it further to you.

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