Plateau Dental Care

IV Sedation – for anxious patients & intrusive procedures

Feeling nervous about your next dental appointment? The good news is there are now modern sedation techniques designed to take the fear out of visiting the dentist.

Intravenous sedation is a very efficient and effective way of providing anxiety relief and pain control during dental procedures. The sedative, which can include a pain killer, is given by a registered nurse. The injection, into the forearm or back of the hand, is virtually painless.

The patient experiences drowsiness and a sense of drifting off. Under sedation time seems to pass very quickly. The dentist may also use nitrous oxide to make the sedation more effective, and a local anaesthetic as required. The patient does not become unconscious as with general anaesthesia.

While under sedation patients can tolerate longer procedures during one session which can save time and money.

Sedation is an excellent option for anxious patients. So, quit putting off your next appointment and call Plateau Dental Care to discuss sedation during your next dental procedure.