Plateau Dental Care

Tooth whitening/Home bleaching

Tooth whitening is becoming more and more popular and take home bleaching trays is the most commonly used and recommended technique. It is pain free, tried and tested and achieves predictable results.

The treatment involves wearing custom-made mouth guards or trays for 30 minutes each day (or night) for about 2 weeks. A bleaching gel is placed in the trays to gradually lighten the colour of the teeth and remove stains.

The amount of time the custom-fitted tray is worn and the duration may vary according to a person’s individual need and the recommendations of the dentist. The dentist or hygienist will monitor the entire process of in-home bleaching to assure its effectiveness and safety.

Over the counter products that are self-administered are not recommended, although they may appear to cost less. Bleaching treatment should be done under the supervision of a dentist or hygienist following a proper exam and diagnosis.