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Welcome to Plateau Dental Care! We hope you feel comfortable at our practice and we look forward to seeing you.

At your first appointment, it is important that we have the necessary information to understand your dental needs. You will be asked to complete a Medical History Questionnaire that provides us with a great deal of information about you. We want to know if there is anything you are worried about or might like to change and any condition that may affect how we manage your dental treatment.

Your medical history often has an affect on your dental health, so we need to know of any conditions you may be suffering and medications you have been taking.

We will also need to take some x-rays of your teeth and gums, to get an understanding of any problem that cannot be seen simply by looking into the mouth. These are kept on file and referred to when assessing progress on your dental health.

Please download a medical history questionnaire that you can complete and bring with you to your first appointment.


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